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Consumer Jail

The Cost of Not Having a Liberal Arts Education

Written by Burke Ingraffia on Jun 18, 2014

Every year on the day after Thanksgiving, usually starting at midnight or even earlier on Thanksgiving Day, there is the day we call “Black Friday.” People wait in line for hours by the locked door of a department store or other big box retailer so that they can charge inside to beat out the other waiting people in the race to get to the product they desire. Here are some thoughts on how to free yourself from this type of slavery.

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Food for Thought: Universities as Businesses

Just a few weeks ago, TIME published an article examining the current market of higher education. Author Andrew Rossi takes a look at how higher tuition “seeks to capture the student loan dollar through increasing fees.” Take a break from your summer activities to read the whole article, or check out some highlights here.

Donovan Wolfington ON TOUR!

Our very own Donovan Wolfington just set out for a national tour. We’ve got the dates, as well as a link to their recently launched Tumblr, AND their music video for “Keef Ripper.”

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